The True Colors of Spring!

The True Colors of Spring!

April 4, 2023 by

Here is a another great picture of a "HUGE" chocolate boar to get our guests pumped for this up-coming Manitoba spring black bear season! I sometimes hear from bear hunters that color bears don't get big, as that's probably true in other areas of the Province, if in fact they actually have colored bears, it sure isn't the case for our areas in the Northern Interlake. This huge chocolate was 400+ pounds(spring bear) and went number 2 B+C in the Province that year for a non-resident hunter. The amazing part to this, is that, at that same bait that night, Bob passed a much bigger bear that was black and would of easily went number 1 in the Province that year!! WOW!! We cant wait to see our guests soon for another "world class" hunting experience with Agassiz Outfitters!! Safe travels everyone!   

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