Manitoba Black Bear Hunting

Manitoba Black Bear Hunting

Guided Spring & Fall Bear Hunts in Manitoba

Guided Spring & Fall Bear Hunts in Manitoba

Manitoba’s ONLY Exclusive Black Bear Hunting Lodge located in the heart of Bear Country.....

Agassiz Outfitters offers Spring and Fall Manitoba black bear hunts with a rifle, muzzle, shotgun, crossbow or bow. Our untouched and remote wilderness Manitoba black bear hunts are done in over 3000 square miles of some of the most remote areas the Northern Interlake Region has to offer, with most areas never being hunted! Every year bears over 21" B & C and over 600 lbs. are harvested due to the vast wilderness in this area and low to no pressure! The black bear hunting in the Northern Interlake Region has been considered as one of the top destinations in the world for size, numbers and color phase black bears as featured on numerous Outdoor T.V. shows and Bear Hunting Magazine. 

Our Spring and Fall Manitoba Black Bear hunts located in this world class hunting hot spot of the Northern Interlake Region are second to none. Bear numbers are extremely high in this part of Manitoba, Canada, as many hunters see and witness high numbers of bears at the bait sites. These bear hunts can be arranged at our main lodge which is road accessible with private cabins on a remote lake, wood heat, separate washroom/shower building and Lodge with dining room/with deck overlooking the lake and a screened in gazebo. Unlike most areas, our walleye and northern pike fishing can be second to none and can be done when the black bear hunting is complete. An added bonus to your hunting trip is the good chance of taking a shot at a timber wolf or coyote with your unused big game tag in the fall only.

Every spring and fall our black bear camp produces the most Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett black bears in the Province as seen in the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association Record Books, where many of our guests have been featured in over the past 30+ years.  A lot of our guests have made the trip up north to personally receive their Manitoba Big Game Award at the annual banquet held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

All black bear hunts are 6 day hunts, beginning on a Monday and ending on the following Saturday. With our excellent success, great rates and family packages (Discount for youth hunters 12-17) , we know you'll experience a trip of a lifetime in beautiful Manitoba, Canada.

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Guided Spring Bear Hunts Manitoba

Trophy Spring Bear

Manitoba Black Bear Hunting Dates

2024 Spring Black Bear Season
April 29 - June 16

2024 Fall Black Bear Season
August 15 - November 1

2025 Spring Black Bear Season
April 28 - June 15

2025 Fall Black Bear Season
August 15 - November 1

2026 Spring Black Bear Season
April 27 - June 14

2026 Fall Black Bear Season
August 15 - November 1

2027 Spring Black Bear Season
April 26 - June 13

2027 Fall Black Bear Season
August 15 - November 1

World Class Manitoba Bear Hunting Packages

Guided Manitoba Spring and Fall Black Bear Hunts:
Please Call/Text: 1-204-281-1918 or Email: for pricing on all hunts.


Why Choose Agassiz Outfitters for your World Class Manitoba Black Bear Hunt?

Why Choose Agassiz Outfitters for your World Class Manitoba Black Bear Hunt?

  • 30+ Years of Full Time Outfitting Excellence & Family Run Operation.
  • We specialize in quality Black Bear Hunting.
  • Manitoba's ONLY Exclusive Black Bear Hunting Lodge.
  • Manitoba's ONLY Full Time and Largest Black Bear Outfitter.
  • All Inclusive Black Bear Hunts, no trophy fees.
  • The authority to harvest a wolf on a fall black bear hunt with your unused black bear license.
  • Many guests return year after year.
  • 3000 Square Miles of Prime Black Bear Habitat/Territory.
  • No Local Hunting Pressure
  • Experienced Hard Working Guides.
  • 30-40 % Color Phase.
  • P & Y and B & C Black Bears 7+ Ft and 500+ lbs.
  • Exceptional Black Bear Management
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Excellent Fishing For Northern Pike and Walleye
  • Beautiful Cabins on a Private Lake in the midst of Bear Country.
  • Come as a client, and leave as a lifetime friend as our unequalled professionalism, dedication and hard work ethic will leave you with a truly memorable wilderness Black Bear experience in the Heart of the Interlake Region of Manitoba.
Taxidermy/Mount Choices

Taxidermy/Mount Choices

Harvesting a black bear is extremely special, so choosing the right mount is very important. 

Before you actually harvest your black bear, a little thought should be given as to what you will do with it, once you have it.  The most common choice of course is a rug, but full body mounts, 3/4 mounts, 1/2 mounts and head mounts are also very popular.  One of the most common concerns is where to put your trophy.  An average 5' bear will make a rug 5' by 5 1/2', a large 7' bear makes a rug 7' by 8', which needs quite a lot of wall space.  A full body bear mount usually only takes up 2 1/2' by 6'-7' of floor space.  Head mounts and half mounts are usually hung on the wall, and take up no more room than a large deer head. 3/4 body mounts are bigger and also hung on the wall and take up more wall space.  Fur quality should also be considered when making a decision.  Early spring, or late fall bears make excellent rugs or full body's, while bears with rub spots may look better as a 3/4 or 1/2 mount. 

Agassiz Outfitters Taxidermist

Agassiz Outfitters Taxidermist

We highly recommend Mel and Shanna Nementchuk of Boggy Creek Taxidermy.  They are by far the best in the province and the only ones who we will trust with our guests to leave their work with.

Their high quality of work, attention to detail, expertise in the business will truly capture the lifelikeness of your Trophy Manitoba Black Bear.

Mel and Shanna have been providing World Class Taxidermy for over 40 years and are truly amazing people.  Their Professionalism is second to none.

When considering your next trophy mount, look no further than Boggy Creek Taxidermy!!

Contact Information:

Boggy Creek Taxidermy

Box 78

San Clara, MB

R0L 1T0

Phone: 1-204-937-3436 


Trophy Black Bear Hunts

Successful Manitoba Hunt

New Manitoba Hunting Regulations

Effective January 1, 2012 the same mandatory hunter education requirements that apply to all first-time hunters and everyone under the age of 19 will apply to everybody when purchasing a hunting license. Therefore, all hunters wishing to purchase any Manitoba hunting license must possess one of the following:

1) A valid certificate or card that certifies the successful completion of the Manitoba Hunter Education Course or the old Hunter & Firearm Safety Training Course;


2) A valid equivalent Hunter Education certificate or card from any other province, territory or country; OR
a valid certificate issued under the authority of subsection 4(4) of the Hunter Education Regulation, MR 128/2007 to a person who makes a written declaration that he or she has lawfully held a hunting license in Manitoba or in another province, territory or country before January 1, 1975. If you believe you qualify for this exemption, please complete the declaration form and mail it to the Wildlife Permits Clerk at the address noted on the form. If you qualify, a certificate will be mailed out. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.

Hunter Education Information

Hunter Education Declaration Form

Guided Spring Black Bear Hunts Manitoba

Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association

Just A Few of Our Past Manitoba Record Book Black Bears





Skull: 20 15/16 B+C 

Hunter: Jan Tuvesson-Sweden



Skull: 21 9/16 B+C 

Hunter: Benot Mansson-Sweden



Skull: 20 10/16 B& C    Length:  7 feet 4 inches

Hunter:  Kevin Shelton from Wentzville, Missouri



Skull: 21 12/16 B+C Length: 7 feet 8 inches

Hunter: John Johnson from Bryan, Ohio



Skull: 21 4/16 B+C Length:  7 feet 10 inches 

Hunter:  Bob Kaleta from West Virginia



Skull: 20” Length: 7 feet 8 inches

Hunter: Chanz Dodd from Evansville, Indiana



Skull: 20 12/16 B&C Length:  7 feet 7 inches

Hunter:  Leroy Dike from Gillette, Wyoming



Skull: 20 3/16 B&C  Length:  7 feet 11 inches

Hunter:  Zayne Osborn from Hamburg, Iowa



Skull: 19 4/16 B&C  Length:  7 feet 6 inches

Hunter:  John Peterson from Battle Lake, Minnesota



Skull: 19 B&C  Length:  7 feet 2 inches

Hunter:  Bob Hansen from New Hampton, Iowa


Manitoba’s #2 NON-RESIDENT BLACK BEAR IN 2018 taken with Bow

Skull: 20 9/16 B&C  Length:  7 feet 8 inches

Hunter: Matt Rappel from Hudson, Wisconsin



Skull: 20 1/16 B&C  Length:  7 feet 9 inches

Hunter: Terry Cline from Oklahoma 



Skull: 19 4/16  B&C  Length:  7 feet 3 inches

Hunter: Jason Kunkle from Ohio 



Skull: 20 4/16 B&C  Length:  7 feet 4 inches

Hunter: Mark Meier from Wisconsin

Agassiz Hunting Reminder

Agassiz Hunting Reminder

Our hunts are fair-chase and are hunts, not kills. You will get an opportunity to hunt in a part of the world very few people get a chance to experience. We will do our best to give you a hunt that not only is successful but allows you to truly enjoy these areas.

Hunting up here means you have to be ready for anything. You could see that trophy the very first day or the very last second of your last day. Your shot opportunity could last two seconds or two minutes. We suggest you familiarize yourself with gauging a quality animal BEFORE you get here, so you know the type of animal you want to take (a good reference book is the Boone & Crockett Club’s record book with photos, our brochure and our web page). The wounding of a big game animal is unfortunate and usually avoidable. It is your responsibility as hunters to practice with your weapon of choice long before the hunt commences and make sound decisions on making an ethical shot. If you have any questions regarding sizing and judging the animals you are hunting, we will go over it with you at Camp before you start your hunt.

Agassiz Ethics Rule

Once a hunter has shot at a moose/bear/deer, that part of the hunt is deemed successful unless it is absolutely clear that the animal wasn’t wounded. Every attempt will be made to recover wounded animals. How to judge black bears(boars/sows), size, etc. and proper shot placement will be gone over at camp prior to your hunt to ensure your success.

 From the Agassiz Archives

Pictured here is Rick Liske(owner of Agassiz Outfitters) This Bear would have stood over nine feet tall on its hind legs

From the Agassiz Archives

THE REVIEW Monday, September 10, 2001

Black Bear a Record Breaker

Possible world record monster put down after hit on highway


Hitting wildlife with your vehicle is never a pleasant ordeal, but for Steven Fontaine of Pine Falls, it was a nightmare he'd sooner forget as the wildlife he ran across weighed in excess of 850 pounds.  Conservation Officers were called to the scene of the mishap on August 30, which occurred on Hwy 11, approximately 5 miles east of the junction of Hwy.59. Upon arrival, conservation officer Doug Schindler confirmed that department members had to put the behemoth bear down.  "It was still alive when conservation arrived but what do you do with a bear of that size," Schindler said.  "Officers had to call a tow truck just to get the animal loaded on a truck." Once loaded on a Conservation vehicle, the officers brought the bear back to the Lac du Bonnet office and then used a forklift to move the bear into the facility for weight and age verification.  "We were able to establish that the bear had a live weight of 887 pounds, which would likely make it a world record black bear." he said.  We are still waiting for experts to establish the bear's age, however."  Schindler noted that the average male bear normally weights 300 pounds and they can often live between 20 and 30 years of age.  But when you consider that the record bear weighs almost three times the average, it's likely the animal has lived long past the 30-year average.  Schindler also confirmed earlier reports that the bear was nearly nine feet long as it stood on all four paws.  "This particular bear is 92.5 inches in length rom his nose to his tail" Schindler stated. "Which means this animal would easily be over nine feet high if it reared up on its hind legs."  Over the last week the bear was transported to AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS and Taxidermy where the animal was dressed for future display.  The carcass was later returned to the Lac du Bonnet Conservation office, where the experts will continue with the age verification process.  "Basically, you look at the bear's premolars to help in determining a bear's age.  It's a lot like looking at the rings of a tree." Schindler continued.  "Once we determine the age, that will help prove we have the genetics to grow big bears in the province. And that's especially good for tourism." Schindler adds that with the current bear hunting ban in Ontario, Manitoba could benefit from the International exposure attached to this record bear.

Black Bear Hunts

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