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Your Premier Trophy Outfitter for Manitoba Black Bear Hunting, Manitoba Moose Hunting, Manitoba Deer Hunting, Manitoba Wolf Hunting.

Hunting with AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS in Manitoba’s World Famous Northern Interlake Region for a huge Manitoba Black Bear or in beautiful Northern Manitoba on one of our remote fly-in Manitoba Moose Hunts is an experience like no other!!  Our professional hunting guides have the experience that gets you “front and center” with the big ones! The Northern Interlake Region, where forest meets agricultural land, with numerous lakes, rivers, creeks, swamps and marsh areas makes it some of the best trophy Manitoba Black Bear Hunting in the world! Our SPRING and FALL Manitoba BEAR HUNTS cover over 3000 square miles of prime wilderness. This area also offers an abundance of color phase BLACK BEARS, which include chocolate, cinnamon and blonde. Most years BLACK BEARS over 21″ B&C and over 600 lbs are taken. AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS also has exclusive rights to a large remote hunting area in Northern Manitoba, approximately 120 air miles north of Thompson and this area is only accessible by float plane. This area is pristine and virtually untouched as far as hunting pressure, which explains why MOOSE in the high 190’s to low 200 class are harvested most years, due to the vast wilderness and no pressure in this area. This is one of the best MOOSE areas MANITOBA and NORTH AMERICA has to offer and we cater to both rifle and archery hunters.

Sitting by the fire enjoying the Northern Lights, listening to the wolves howl, fishing and hunting in this remote and pristine part of Northern Manitoba is a hunting experience that memories are made of!

Another big plus to hunting Manitoba’s Northern Interlake Region and Northern Manitoba Regions with AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS, is the ability to take a wolf or coyote on any open big game tag in the fall only. This does not fill the tag. Our hunters have several opportunities each year to take wolves and some real trophies have been taken.

AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS is MANITOBA’S "Only" Exclusive Premier Black Bear Hunting Lodge and fly-in Moose HUNTING camps. The lodge & camps have some great amenities with many years of history and have something unique to offer everyone – all served up by your hosts, Rick, Colleen, Brendan & Jordan Liske. While at our lodge/camps, you’ll experience home cooking at it’s finest, with Colleen's own specialty dishes prepared which are requested year after year.


AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS, All inclusive Manitoba Big Game Outfitter.


Deer Hunts

Manitoba Whitetail Hunts

Whitetail Hunting in Manitoba's Parkland Region is world renowned.  These remote wilderness Manitoba deer hunts take place on the South Side of the Duck Mountains. The habitat in this area is prime for whitetails. The terrain consists of private grain/alfalfa fields, heavy timber, creeks, swamps and ridges.
An added bonus to your Manitoba trophy whitetail deer hunting trip is the good possibility at a timber wolf or coyote with your un-used big game tag.
Our average size whitetail is 135-145 class, however much larger deer are taken every year. 

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Agassiz Hunting Reminder

Our hunts are fair-chase and are hunts, not kills. You will get an opportunity to hunt in a part of the world very few people get a chance to experience. We will do our best to give you a hunt that not only is successful but allows you to truly enjoy these areas.

Hunting up here means you have to be ready for anything. You could see that trophy the very first day or the very last second of your last day. Your shot opportunity could last two seconds or two minutes. We suggest you familiarize yourself with gauging a quality animal BEFORE you get here, so you know the type of animal you want to take (a good reference book is the Boone & Crockett Club’s record book with photos, our brochure and our web page). The wounding of a big game animal is unfortunate and usually avoidable. It is your responsibility as hunters to practice with your weapon of choice long before the hunt commences and make sound decisions on making an ethical shot. If you have any questions regarding sizing and judging the animals you are hunting, we will go over it with you at Camp before you start your hunt.

Agassiz Ethics Rule

Once a hunter has shot at a moose/bear, that part of the hunt is deemed successful unless it is absolutely clear that the animal wasn’t wounded. Every attempt will be made to recover wounded animals. How to judge black bears(boars/sows), size, etc. and proper shot placement will be gone over at camp prior to your hunt to ensure your success.


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