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New Year Brings New Changes

New Year Brings New Changes

January 03, 2024 by

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season with their families. With a new year, always bring new excitements, changes/expansions, etc.  We have a couple exciting announcements to share;

First off our Waterfowl Division;  we are excited to announce that our Oldest son Brendan has taken over this division of our company and will be running all waterfowl hunts going forward.  Both our boys have had their full outfitting licenses for many years; so it is exciting after 30+ years in the waterfowl business that Brendan wanted to take over and continue offering World Class Waterfowl hunts ,  so we can expand in different areas. 

Although we will miss seeing all of our  waterfowl guests, the amazing memories and times we had over the 30+ years in waterfowl camp, will be a part of us forever that we will cherish.  Thank you to each and every Waterfowl hunter for hunting with Agassiz Outfitters, and again thanks for the everlasting memories!!  Brendan ran his first season this past 2023 and it was outstanding.  He is almost booked up for 2024 and we wish him and his hunters nothing but successful hunts going forward.  If you are wanting to book a world class waterfowl hunt please give Brendan a call or text at 1-204-281-3394.  His webpage will be up and running soon so stay tuned for that.  You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram at Triple Curl Industries.

Onto our next announcement.  We have expanded both of our Black Bear and Whitetail Operations once again.  Taking a step back from the waterfowl has allowed us to expand our black bear camp and whitetail camp by expanding our hunting area and additional bear and whitetail hunts.

All the best to our son Brendan on your Waterfowl Business!!

We look forward to seeing everyone of our hunters in one of our Manitoba Hunting Camps this 2024 Hunting Seasons.

Rick and Colleen Liske 

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