Keith's Bull Moose 2020

Keith's Bull Moose 2020

October 25, 2020 by

Here is the beautiful bull moose Keith Beasley of "Canada In The Rough" took with Agassiz Outfitters up in northern Manitoba this past fall, 2020. The first few days was tough as the guys battled warm weather and strong winds and it was clear that the rut wasn't in full swing yet as the guys noticed a lot of cows and calves by themselves still. The guys did see another shooter bull which was well over 50 inches early in the week too which was also by himself but unfortunately didn't present a good ethical shot for Keith. However, as the week went on their luck was about to change as they spot a cow and calf that has a big bull with them. The bull gives Keith a perfect shot and Keith makes no mistake as this bull doesn't go far. We cant wait for Keith's epic hunt with us to air in early 2021, so everyone can watch it all unfold. Please watch for dates, times. etc. for when this hunt with "Canada In The Rough" airs,  as when we find out, we will post on "Agassiz News" also.       

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