Color Bears of Agassiz

Color Bears of Agassiz

February 27, 2020 by

Pictured here is another longtime guest and friend; John Petersen of Minnesota. That evening i walked slowly and quietly into Johns bait to pick him up with still a couple minutes of legal shooting time left. As i got closer to the stand, i noticed 3 real good sized bears around the bait. I climbed slowly up Johns tree to his treestand and whispered, "That biggest bear at the bait is 400+ pounds John! He is definitely a shooter!!"  John then whispered back, "I already shot a beautiful cinnamon, it was nuts in here with bears!!" This was the first night of Johns 6 day hunt and he told me he saw 25+ different bears that afternoon/evening and a few were well over 400 pounds! Wow!! 

John has shot 3 monster bears with us over the years that all have made the Manitoba Record Books so is no stranger to seeing huge bears! Congratulations John and see you again in Spring 2021! 

Johns experience that afternoon/evening is just another great example of the great genetics that our area has to offer, the opportunity at beautiful color bears a guest may get and that our bear numbers are extremely high due to great management and habitat.     

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