Another Youth Hunter Award to be Handed out

Another Youth Hunter Award to be Handed out

April 1, 2019 by

The Manitoba Big Game Trophy Associations 50th Awards Evening is this Saturday in Winnipeg. Once again, many of our guests are up for awards for their black bears taken with Agassiz Outfitters over the past 2 years. Here, youth hunter Zayne Osborn from Iowa smashed the record books with this black bear taken with his bow on the 3rd night of his hunt, spring 2018. On the 2nd night, Zayne indicated to myself that a huge boar had treed a couple cubs(yearlings) and was chasing the sow around the bait site and his stand but wouldnt give him a good, clean shot. The next night when walking in to get Zayne, the smile on his face said it all. Zayne tells me he sees 9 different bears including a beautiful cinnamon colored bear and arrows this big boar that gives him the perfect shot just before dark. Zaynes bear ran approximately 30 yards. I asked Zayne if this was the same big bear he saw the night before and he says, "No, the other one was much bigger!!" Zaynes bear green scores 20 1/16 inches and is pushing 400lbs. Nothing like seeing the big smile on these young hunters face when everything comes together. What a bear and congratulations Zayne!         

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