Agassiz Guest Takes Every Bear Hunters "Dream Bear"

Agassiz Guest Takes Every Bear Hunters

August 3, 2019 by

Pictured here is Clint from Montana with his first ever black bear taken on the first night of his hunt. Clint started having action and seeing bears real early that afternoon and at approximately 5:00p.m. had a huge black boar come in that he wanted to take but couldnt get a good clean shot at him. With about a half hour of legal shooting time left that night, Clint saw movement through the trees and noticed this beautiful color bear working his way to the bait nervously. Clint got himself ready and as soon as this big bear gave him the perfect shot, he took it. He made no mistake as the big cinnamon boar with a black head and huge white patch on his chest went about 30 yards. Clint had taken a bear which is every bear hunters dream bear. Congratulations Clint, what a bear!!    

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