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Come experience “World Class” waterfowl hunting at its finest!! Located in the heart of the CENTRAL FLYWAY in MANITOBA’S PARKLAND REGION, with large bodies of water, small lakes, potholes and grain fields, makes this part of Manitoba, Canada a waterfowl hunters haven and the hunting is second to none! Past Ducks Unlimited magazines have even listed it in their top 3 destination for Waterfowl Hunting. Whether you want to jump shoot, pass shoot or field shoot, we do it all! Our licensed Manitoba, Canada guides always work extremely had from sun-up to sun-down with one or two full time scouts scouting  for your next hunt, while you witness Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting at its finest!!

So let AGASSIZ OUTFITTERS and Agassiz Outfitters guides take you on a Manitoba Waterfowl hunt around the Roblin and Inglis areas which is also know as the “Jewel of The Parkland” and “Barley Capital of Manitoba” and  also where Agassiz Outfitters got its start 20+ years ago and where most of our family and relatives originate from and still farm to this day!!  Can it get any better? Barley, wheat, oats, corn and pot holes!!!

Most of Agassiz Outfitters guests choose to hunt fields for the abundance of  Greater/Lesser Canada geese and Snow/Blue geese in the mornings.  Many mornings, however, limits of mallards and/or pintails are taken while goose hunting out on the fields. Afternoon/evening hunts we head back out to the fields or hunt over water. Having hosted and guided on several occasions; Avery Outdoors, Dennis Anderson (Outdoor/Waterfowl writer for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star and Tribune) and Alan Warren Outdoors, who were all fascinated and amazed at these world class waterfowl hunts.

At Agassiz Outfitters, you never have to hunt with another group or party.  You and your group hunt with your guide and have the whole camp to yourself.  We want you to witness fast, furious action and as we hear from every guest that leaves in the fall after their hunt, “this was the best waterfowl hunting we have ever had!!”

When looking for a Waterfowl and/or upland bird hunt in Manitoba, Canada to make everlasting memories, look no further than Agassiz Outfitters. First thing in the morning, watching the sunrise and abundance of birds will leave you in awe and breathless! Greater and lesser Canada’s, Snow and Blue geese, mallards, pintails, wood ducks, black ducks, widgeon, and gadwalls to name a few, make up for some great shooting! With our excellent success, years in the business, great rates and family/group packages, we know you’ll be impressed with a Manitoba Waterfowl Hunt at your hosts and Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting team, Agassiz Outfitters.

All-inclusive Manitoba Big Game and Manitoba Waterfowl Outfitters, hunting and fishing guides.

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Migratory Birds Limits:

Canada Geese (Giants/Lessers) 5 daily – 15 in possession
Snow/Blue Geese 20 daily – 80 in possession
(mallards, teal, pintail, gadwall, redhead, canvasback,
bluebill, scaup, widgeon, ringbill, bufflehead, and wood duck)
8 daily – 24 in possession
Upland Game
Grouse 6 daily – 12 in possession
Hungarian Partridge 4 daily – 8 in possession

– Shotgun and Ammo
– Thermos
– Chestwaders and/or Hip Boots (Waterfowl only)
– Hunting Boots, Rubber Boots and Running Shoes (camp wear)
– Gloves
– Rain Gear
– Warm Clothes are Required
– Flash Light
– Camera / Film
– Waterproof Optics

We welcome all hunting dogs to Agassiz Outfitters, however, when not out in the field, all dogs must be kenneled at all times.

For more information:

Gun Laws:   www.cfc.ccaf.gc.ca

Border Crossing:  www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/noncan-eng.html

Manitoba Hunting Regulations:  http://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/wildlife/hunting


New Manitoba Hunting Regulations

Effective January 1, 2012 the same mandatory hunter education requirements that apply to all first-time hunters and everyone under the age of 19 will apply to everybody when purchasing a hunting license. Therefore, all hunters wishing to purchase any Manitoba hunting license must possess one of the following:

a valid certificate or card that certifies the successful completion of the Manitoba Hunter Education Course or the old Hunter & Firearm Safety Training Course;

a valid equivalent Hunter Education certificate or card from any other province, territory or country; OR
a valid certificate issued under the authority of subsection 4(4) of the Hunter Education Regulation, MR 128/2007 to a person who makes a written declaration that he or she has lawfully held a hunting licence in Manitoba or in another province, territory or country before January 1, 1975. If you believe you qualify for this exemption, please complete thedeclaration form and mail it to the Wildlife Permits Clerk at the address noted on the form. If you qualify, a certificate will be mailed out. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.

link to Hunter Education Infromation page is:


and the form Hunter Education Declaration form that needs to be filled out the link is :