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Agassiz Outfitters-Fishing

The below pictures are just some examples of the big fish and great fishing our spring black bear hunters get to experience during their bear hunt with us. We look forward to seeing everyone this upcoming spring!

Rick's Pictures 2017 320

Ricks Pictures 2017 319

Agassiz Outfitters-Camp Fishing Update

All of our guests fishing for northern pike this past spring once again, enjoyed “world class” fishing at its finest! Reports of 100+ fish being caught and released in only a couple hours by most groups, made for some exciting stories. And the very little fish that was kept, made for some great fish frys. Northerns were extremely active on shiny spoons, mepps #5, buzz baits and any other top water lures used. Fish up to 41 inches were occasionally caught too. The walleye fishing was hit and miss but some guests really got onto them using jigs with Berkley power baits and tipped with a frozen minnow.




Agassiz Outfitters 2015 Spring Fishing Report!

The 2015 spring fishing during our spring black bear season remained great the whole time especially for the big northern pike. All of our guests who tried their luck during there spring bear hunt had good success on the lakes by our camp which was due to a large part mostly because of the early spring we had. Throwing large shinny spoons and spinners proved deadly for the pike especially the old reliable “5 of diamonds” and “red devil”. Many fish frys where enjoyed by all!!

Agassiz Outfitters Fishing Review

Guests are limiting out daily as the fishing for August continues to remain good. Most guests are still having best success trolling Rapalas or silver spinners tipped with a night crawler. It wont be long now until the fall fishing gets HOT and the bigger walleye start moving into the river. Like every other past fall, this is when switching to a frozen Lake Manitoba Shiner is the ticket on your spinners or jigs,as the walleye just cant resist at this time of year. If the good fishing in July and August is any indication to what the fall fishing has in store, anglers are in for some more “World Class” fishing on the Historic Waterhen River once again this fall!!! Rip some lips….Rick


Quick Fishing Update-2nd Today

Just came back from cutting the grass at our “South Dock” boat launch and ran into 2 different groups of guests. One told me they hammered the walleye by the “2 big rocks” north of the boat launch, that i have markers on and the other guest told me they hammered the walleye just in front of the boat launch and to the south, on the east side of the island. Both said just drifting with the current using jigs tipped with leeches or a night crawler. Hope this helps! Rip some lips…..Rick

Agassiz Lodge Fishing Report

The fishing on the Waterhen Rivers remains good as most anglers still continue to have great success working the deeper holes in the rivers. Trolling crank baits or spinners tipped with a leech/night crawler with the current is still working great. Anglers are also reporting that still fishing at the mouth early mornings and late evenings is also still paying off as well. Rivers remain high, boat launches in great conditions and good luck to everyone fishing the Waterhen Rivers!

Agassiz Lodge Fishing Report

The fishing on both the main Waterhen River and West Waterhen River remains hot! Anglers are reporting that the walleye are extremely active in the early mornings and late evenings and some over 28+ inches are still being caught in the river. Trolling crank baits or spinners tipped with a night crawler/leech are working great. Jigging with a white,blue or pink jig tipped with crawlers or a leech is also paying off big time right now. Both rivers are extremely high and the fall fishing looks to be heating up already. Boat launches are all in excellent condition.

Agassiz Lodge Fishing Report

Guests are reporting that trolling white spinners tipped with a night crawler or leech is working real good right now. Reports coming in too that jigging/lindy rigging at the mouth in the early mornings or just before dark with a night crawler or a leech is also real effective.Lots of the bigger walleye 28+ inches are still active as anglers are still catching some real monsters over 30 inches!!!Rip some lips…..Rick :)

Fishing Update!

Fishing remains excellent on the main Waterhen River. Trolling with botton bouncers/spinners tipped with a frozen shiner, night crawler or leech and jigs with twister tails also tipped with a frozen shiner, night crawler or leech are both working great. Guests are saying fish are active all day right now, but especially active in the mornings and evenings. So far a 31.5 inch walleye is the biggest this weekend! Congratulations Jim on an awesome fish!! Rip some lips……Rick :)


The walleye and pike fishing on the main Waterhen River is hot hot hot, especially in the mornings and late evenings!! Right now, trolling and still fishing are both working great. Now is the time to get out and experience some “world class” fishing on the historic Waterhen River!