Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Spring Bear Hunting

Pictured below is Garrett Souza from Colorado with his huge black bear from the spring of 2016. The wind was perfect that night where Garrett was hunting and when he saw this big black bear circle the bait, he new if given the chance, he was obviously going to take it. The big boar did make a mistake giving Garrett the perfect broadside shot with his bow. The huge bruin scored 19 4/16 easily making P&Y and qualifying for the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Awards. Congratulations Garrett, what a bear!!


Agassiz Outfitters-Merry Christmas

We would like to take this time to wish all of our friends and guests a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing everyone in 2017!!

Rick,Colleen,Brendan and Jordan


Agassiz Outfitters – Manitoba Moose Hunting

Agassiz Outfitters – Manitoba Moose Hunting

Agassiz Outfitters – Featured Outfitter in Guidefitter Journal Fall 2016


Agassiz Outfitters-Spring and fall Hunting Reviews

Just incase anyone is looking or been wondering, my spring and fall hunting reviews will get posted in the very near future after things settle down a bit with our busy fall season’s. Rick.

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

It wont be long now and the 2016 Manitoba moose season will be upon us! Looking forward to seeing all our guests real soon!!  Pictured below is guide Bob Hyshka and Andrew E.

Rick's Iphone 2016 Photos 669 Rick's Iphone 2016 Photos 670

Agassiz Outfitters – 2018 Media

We are so excited to announce and extremely honored that:

Returning to Agassiz Outfitters in the fall of 2018 will be the editor of Petersen’s Hunting Mr. Mike Schoby.  Mike will be travelling to one of our exclusive remote wilderness camps in the pursuit of a World Class Manitoba Moose.  Mike Schoby has been the editor for Petersen’s Hunting since 2009, is a host of Petersen’s Hunting TV, Border to Border with Mike Schoby, and is also the successful author of several outdoor related books.  Mike has been successful during a prior Agassiz Outfitters spring bear hunt and is looking forward to returning to experience and to hunt in our northern camp for moose.  Mike also mentioned that he is also excited about the potential opportunity for seeing and to take a wolf on this hunting adventure.  Accompanying Mike will be one of our experienced bear hunters and known industry professionals, Mr. Bob Kaleta.  In addition to his extensive career with Zeiss and Remington, Bob is the Global Product Marketing Manager for Vanguard Sporting Optics.  Bob is also an accomplished hunter having taken many species to include several trophy bears with Agassiz Outfitters.  Both hunters are excited about the opportunity to hunt together again and to pursue moose with the Agassiz Outfitters team.  We are also excited and can’t wait!!


Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

We are only 2 months away from the start of our fall moose season. Pictured below is another monster bull from our area that was taken a few years ago and made Boone and Crockett easy. We cant wait to chase these big beasts once again this fall! Nothing like the “Northern Experience” and the majestic bull moose!!




Walter Fett Moose 2005 d

Agassiz Outfitters – Manitoba Moose Hunting

We are only 2 months away from our fall moose season. After talking to our pilot the other day, this fall is looking real promising as he indicated to me that cow and calf numbers remain real high and healthy from what he has observed from the air this spring/summer. We can not wait to get up to our remote moose camps in Northern Manitoba and look forward to another great fall! Also, we look forward to seeing all our moose hunters real soon…..Rick :)


Steve Murphy Moose 2005 a