Agassiz Outfitters Moose Hunting 2017

Moose Hunting with Agassiz Outfitters 2017. Waiting for new guests up in northern Manitoba after a very successful first week in moose camp with our hunters and guides. By the looks of it, we think guide Bob Hyshka has already been in the bush too long, lol!!

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Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Fall Black Bear

Our fall black bear season this past fall went excellent. The bears had a great deal of fat on them at this time and with the late fall we had again also helped them get in great shape for their long hibernation period during another Manitoba winter. We look forward and cant wait to see all of our bear hunters in 2018 for another Manitoba Spring Bear Season! (spring and fall bear hunting reviews with pictures from this past spring and fall will get posted soon) Also, please see our “NEW” ads in the upcoming issues of Bear Hunting Magazine.


Manitoba Bear Hunting 2017 Seth

Agassiz Outfitters 2018 Sportshow Schedule

Mark your calendars as we will be exhibiting at the following sportshows for the 2018 Sportshow Season:

Huntin Time Expo on January 26 – 28    Grand Rapids, Michigan

Great American Outdoor Show on February 3 – 11    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Deer & Turkey Expo on February 16 – 18    Lansing, Michigan

Northwest Sportshow on March 22 – March 25    Minneapolis, Minnesota

Deer & Turkey Expo on April 6 – 8       Madison, Wisconsin

We look forward to seeing everyone real soon!!

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting

This picture pretty much sums up our waterfowl season!! Lots of great shoots and most mornings guests limited out on the greater Canada geese with lots of good duck hunting as well. Our waterfowl “Hunting Review” will be posted soon.

Waterfowl Hunting 2017


Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

Pictured below are two happy moose hunters; Dan and Keith from Michigan. Our 2017 moose hunting season went great once again as most hunters were successful. I will have our moose hunting reviews up soon under our “Hunting Reviews” page.


Moose Hunting 2017

Agassiz Outfitters 2017 Hunting Reviews

Our hunting seasons are now over for the 2017 year and couldn’t have been better.  We will be updating our hunting reviews in the next month or two, so please stay tuned…

Happy Hunting and Straight Shooting,



Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting in Roblin,Manitoba

Pictured below is four lesser Canada geese that all have bands that were taken last fall. What makes this so special is the fact that all four lessers were in the same flock that had five birds in it in total. We are pretty sure that the fifth bird was probably banded too. Four bands in a whole day of hunting is special and rare little loan four bands out of the same flock! We look forward to seeing all our waterfowl hunters this fall where of course are held where i have hunted and guided waterfowl for 35+ years; Roblin,Manitoba. Waterfowl Hunting at its finest!!!

waterfowl 2017 blog

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

We are approximately 3 weeks away from another Manitoba fall moose season. Our fly-in trophy moose hunts are situated in beautiful northern Manitoba in the heart of some of the best moose habitat in North America. We look forward and cant wait to seeing all our moose hunters this fall!

Scott and Dave 2017 Brochure Top Left Hand Corner

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Black Bear Hunting

Pictured below is hunter Jason Kunkle of Ohio and guide Brendan Liske with another Manitoba monster black bear taken recently during our 2016 spring black bear season. Jason is a long time guest and has taken several huge black bears over the years. It didnt take Jason long this time as this big boar showed up with a cinnamon colored sow on the first evening of his hunt. The wind was perfect that evening and when Jason saw this bear behind the sow, he knew right away it was a shooter. Jason also saw 5 other bears that evening. What a hunt and congratulations Jason!! (Jasons black bear should rank in the top 10 for non-residents in 2017 and also qualifies for an award with the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association. Just another Agassiz monster black bear!)