Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

Pictured below is Scott Hofmann from NE and guide Bryan Minnis with Scott’s first Manitoba bull moose. The very first full day of hunting, Bryan called in a monster 50+ bull less than 100 yards for Scott. But due to long grass, Scott was not able to see him clearly and unfortunately that did not work out. The fourth day, September, 22 the lo’s hit -2 Celcius, a good frost but it was very windy with winds out of the south-west. That afternoon in tough weather conditions(rain squalls, flurries and high winds) guide Bryan Minnis and Scott agreed to spend the whole day out. At 3 p.m. they saw a cow and big bull and while trying to move the bull, had another big bull come running into Bryan’s call. Bryan worked this bull for 3 hours and 45 minutes and called him back 2 times after he had left for 30 minutes each time, until he finally committed at 6:45. Scott made 2 good shots and they found his 56″ bull exactly where they expected the next morning. Congratulations Scott!


Ricks 2015 Hunting Pictures 833

Scott and Bryan with Scott’s 56″ Bull Moose, fall 2015

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Spring Bear

The count down has begun to the 2016 Manitoba spring black bear season! Pictured above is John Petersen from MN who started the 2015 spring season with us with this gorgeous 7 foot boar that scored 19 1/16 b+c on the very first night. John showed great patience, and passed on 5 other good bears before this big boar came in real cautiously, almost not presenting a good clean shot. But at the last second, when it was about to back out of the bait site after it winded something and knew something wasn’t right, gave John the shot he wanted. Congratulations John! NOTE: The bears denned up a little later than normal this past fall as warmer than normal temperatures hung around well into Mid November. As we approached the beginning of January, the Northern Interlake had received approximately 5-6 inches of snow in total. It is already the end of January, and sows should be starting to give birth to their cubs in their dens at this time. The early spring and late fall of 2015 will really be beneficial to the sows(putting on weight before denning up) and 3-4 cubs will not be un-common, as usual, along with the great genetics our area has to offer……Rick :)

bear hunt ad 3                                                                                 John with his 7 Foot Manitoba Black Bear

Agassiz Outfitters-2016 Great American Outdoor Show

We are looking forward to seeing everyone real soon at the 2016 Great American Outdoor Show that runs from February 6-14/2016 in Harrisburg,PA. We are in booth #1231, so please stop by to talk the great outdoors!

Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

Pictured below is Pat Hall from Wisconsin with his very first bull moose! Pat was hunting with our guide Jimmy Dickieson who has guided since the beginning out of the scenic, “Up River” Camp. Jimmy and Pat could tell this story much better but on the very first morning of Pats hunt, Jimmy was working a small part of the river behind camp and called out a monster 55+ inch bull to 35 yards but unfortunately due to all the excitement, Pat forgot to put a shell in the chamber and after a faint “click”, the big bull ran not giving Pat a clean second shot! Sorry Pat, i wont let you live this one down, lol!!! These big bull moose will do that to a guy! But just think, he will be bigger in 2017 when you are back again! Jimmy and Pat had lots of action all week as they worked several different bulls and even another big bull well over 50 inches that was with 2 cows and 2 calves but didn’t work out either as there was too many eyes. Pat however connected on this real nice 44 inch bull on the 5th day of his hunt. Congratulations Pat!!

  Ricks 2015 Hunting Pictures 858

Pat with his 44″ bull moose, fall 2015!

Agassiz Outfitters-2015 Fall Moose Hunting

Here is a picture from this past fall of one of our guests, Mr. Wayne Ives from Illinois who was up on his 4th moose hunt. Wayne’s guide was Mr. Bob Hyshka once again. On this particular evening, Bob and Wayne set up on a point between a couple big islands where the moose like to go where they are safe from predators and was always real good to Bob in the past. Well it wasn’t long, and 2 calves came out and started feeding along the edge of the one big island followed by a big cow. Well we all know what was following this big cow and it didn’t take long and Wayne’s 52 inch bull was down!! In total, Wayne saw 17 moose during his hunt and a few other bulls that were well over 50 inches!! Congratulations Wayne and great work Bob!

Ricks 2015 Hunting Pictures 927

Wayne walking up to his 52″ Bull.  

Every Moose Hunters Dream Bull!

Bob Kaleta’s Bears of Agassiz Outfitters

Thank you to our good friend and avid bear hunter Mr. Bob Kaleta who we have hosted on many black bear hunts for sending us this awesome colleague of his bears he has taken over the years while representing Zeiss Optics and now Remington Arms. We look forward to hosting you on many more!!


Agassiz Outfitters-Merry Christmas!

We would like to take this time to wish all of our family, friends and guests a very Merry Christmas and all the best during the holiday season! :)

Rick, Colleen, Brendan and Jordan Liske



Please enjoy this short clip of John Wheeler from Michigan from this past falls moose hunt.



Below is just a preview of some of the video that one of our guides took from this past 2o15 moose season. We are hoping to have a longer video with more great footage going up soon! Hope you enjoy.

Agassiz Outfitters 2015 Hunting Reviews

Please check out the Agassiz Outfitters “Hunting Reviews” page for the 2015 black bear, moose and waterfowl reviews. The 2015 spring/fall hunting season’s were busy as usual and already are looking forward to the 2016 spring/fall hunting season’s! We are just getting into the marketing season and cant wait to see everyone down in Harrisburg,PA and Madison,WI.

Happy Hunting,