2014 – Agassiz Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Review

The spring hatch up in central Manitoba during the spring of 2014 was beyond exceptional therefore the local birds and the start of the migration made for quite a site by the time we started our hunt which is always September 24th.  So as you can imagine and as all our guests who have hunted with us in the past can testify, I was pretty pumped and excited for the season to begin!

On opening day it was extremely warm with a high of +28 Celsius.  The hunting was still excellent as groups saw excellent mallard and goose hunting that opening day.  The next day also, saw limits of greater Canada’s which where had by 8:30 a.m.!  The high that morning was +30 Celsius which of course really put a hold on the migration, but nonetheless, plenty of birds where around to make for some “world class” hunting!  On September 26, all groups shot their limits of mallards and greaters on the fields in +30 Celsius temperatures but the next day finally a cold front really saw the temperatures dip to +7 C with a low at night of +2 C.  Sitting by the fire that night with the guests, we could really hear the snow geese and greater/ lesser  Canada geese  coming down from the north.  That next morning, our good ole buddy the `General ‘ was back in camp with his crew and they had all their birds by 9:00a.m.!  Even the next two days the `General ‘and his party had their mallards and greater Canada’s out in the grain fields!

With the cold front that lasted the next several days, birds littered the fields and marshes.  The one morning even our husband and wife parties from Alaska and Minnesota saw some snow  flurries in the morning but also saw `World Class Waterfowl Hunting` with it!  They told us; `that they had never seen bird hunting like this before, as they too have hunted birds all over North America.  On October 7th, 10 inches of snow hit parts of the north which really pushed the birds down.   From here on in the hunting was unbelievable and stayed good to the end.  It stayed extremely warm till well into November and lots of birds were still around till November 10th due to the open water yet!”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for hunting Waterfowl with us this fall and hope to see you all again real soon!!


Happy Hunting,

2014 Fall Black Bear Hunting Review

Just posted our 2014 Fall Black Bear Hunting Review to our “Hunting Review” Page. Hope you all get a chance to check it out! Working on the 2014 Waterfowl Hunting Review and will have it posted soon.

Also, “New” is our MEDIA Page and we have slowly been adding to it. Lots more to come and please check it out too!


Agassiz Outfitters – 2014 Fall Black Bear Hunting Review

This past fall all our bear hunters saw what you always want them to see while they are up here in Manitoba’s Northern Interlake Region hunting black bear.  Lots of bear action and excitement!  It was another one of those falls that you dream of as a black bear guide as the stories going back to camp and at camp that night of bears wouldn’t end.  In fact, even “new” baits I was test baiting already had bears all over them that where just put out on August 20-25th.  I had started baiting this fall on August 15, and noticed that the berry crop in most areas was next to nil due to the fact our spring in 2014 was extremely late and that we also had extremely late frosts and a really wet spring/summer didn’t help.

The areas that I decided to hunt this fall, as when I was getting to the baits for the first time to open up, bears had already been at the sites.  I was seeing some good bears and tracks too along the trails and amidst my travel.  So to no surprise, ALL baits where being hit hard by August 25.  By August 30, baits where crazy hot!  The highs where around +20 Celsius and lows around +10.  Perfect for fall bear hunting as our first groups where starting on September 1st.

As we took hunters out that first day, we were walking into big bears already at the baits.  Scott from Ohio who had been previously to Ontario twice and never seen a bear, was done in less than an hour with his bow that first night.  Rolf from Illinois who was on a father/son hunt, saw over 15 bears and shot at 6:00.  Rolf has hunted all over the world and couldn’t believe the quality of bears and saw multiple 500 pound black bears after he shot as well as a couple chocolate color bears around 300-350 pound range.  His son Mike was hunting a couple large bears I had on trail camera but they didn’t make a mistake that night. Chad from Ohio was also archery hunting and saw 4 bears that first night, one monster right at dark and couldn’t find his pins. They get big for a reason!  However, Mike, Rolf’s son pulled the trigger the next night on a real good bear and saw several other bears and Chad shot a big 7 ½ footer with his bow that went 19 8/16.  All hunters where done by 7 p.m. on Wednesday night and saw 50+ bears in that short time span!  Awesome week guys!!!

By September 5, the nights where starting to cool off a little bit more and the leaves where really starting to fall which meant you could see a little more in the bush now around the baits, which is always nice when your bear hunting.  On September 8th, our next group started and same thing, walking hunters into fresh baits, we were seeing some real good bears already at the baits.  Always a good sign as both the hunter and guide are pumped!!  Jock another dad that brought his son both from Wyoming shot his big bear half an hour the first night.  His son Jake was snake bitten that night.  Mike and Chris, a husband and wife from Ohio, have hunted with us several times for bear where hunting too this week.  Mike shot a 7 ½ black that scored 19 5/16 and too saw bigger after and saw 2 chocolates after.  His wife Chris saw a huge 500+lb.  black with a white V on his chest that she video taped but wouldn’t give her a good shot as it laid behind the barrel for over an hour.  The next night she saw the same big bear and still no shot, as it once again stayed at the barrel till dark..  It didn’t come back the third night and she settled on another real good bear that dropped at the barrel.  Good patience Chris!  Jake also shot a real good black bear which was his first bear ever!  Congratulations everyone!!

What a great ending to a great fall!  100% success rate and everyone getting their bears and seeing lots.  As I took stands down and closed up sites, I was seeing lots of bears and getting some really good pictures.  If the quantity and quality of bears everyone was seeing this fall is any indication what our spring hunters are up for this upcoming Spring, they are in for a real treat.  As our black bears just start to den up (Nov. 8) let’s just pray for a normal spring; weather wise!


Happy Hunting,

*Please watch for our ½ page Ads that appear in “Bear Hunting Magazine” which will be in the following issues: November/December, January/February and March/April.

**We look forward to hosting Mr. Bob Kaleta of Remington, Mr. Jim Ferguson of The Revolution Outdoors Radio Show and Mr. Don Pollanuf of Bowhunting Addiction TV on their upcoming 2015 Manitoba Spring Bear Hunts.


Agassiz Outfitters- 2014 Fall Black Bear Hunting Review

Wow, what a fall! Our guests this fall once again saw incredible bear hunting!! 100% success rate again and if the hunting this fall and what guests where seeing even after they where done are any indication to what we can look forward to this up-coming spring season, we are in for one heck of a spring!!!

I will have our 2014 fall black bear hunting review done shortly and posted under the “Hunting Reviews” section. Stay tuned!

Good luck to everyone out hunting this fall……Rick





Agassiz Outfitters – Birds, Birds and More Birds

Just a quick update to all of our new/current/repeat/pending guests on our past 2014 waterfowl season.  Everyone has been anxiously waiting for our report in our new/old area located in the heart of the central flyway!!! It was absolutely amazing and all guests who experienced the World Class Waterfowl Hunting in this area were in “AWE”!!  Greater and lesser Canada Geese, Snow & Blue Geese make it a waterfowl hunter’s paradise. Over pot holes, lakes, rivers or grain fields we can satisfy your crave for some excellent waterfowl hunting.

Accommodations were amazing with the convenience of Wi-Fi internet service at your finger tips while relaxing in the den or in the privacy of your bedroom.  While at waterfowl camp guests experienced home cooking at it’s finest with our own specialty dishes which are requested year after year.

Stay tuned for Rick’s full waterfowl report in the upcoming weeks.  We are currently taking bookings for the 2015/2016 Waterfowl Seasons and dates are filling up fast. We look forward to hosting you on your Upcoming World Class Waterfowl Hunt with Agassiz Outfitters in the near future!!

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Agassiz Outfitters Announcement!

Its Official! We are pleased to announce the return of our good friends; Mr. Bob Kaleta of Remington Arms (www.remington.com) and Mr. Jim Ferguson of “The Revolution”, which for those of you that don’t know by now, is a syndicated outdoor radio show on 400+ radio stations world wide. It tackles outdoor issues and the best of hunting and fishing. Bob and Jim will be hunting the elusive Manitoba black bear next spring(2015) and we cant wait! Both Bob and Jim have shot huge black bears with us that have made it into the “Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association” Record Book, so needless to say, the pressure is on!! I cant tell you how excited we are to have them both back at our camp!!! Hurry up spring!!!!

**To listen to “The Revolution”, just goto our home page and CLICK on their link!!**


Agassiz Outfitters ads in Bear Hunting Magazine

Once again, please watch for our 1/2 page ads which will run in the November/December, January/February and March/April issues of “Bear Hunting Magazine”. Since we have been a long time advertiser to Bear Hunting Magazine, they have told us to tell all of our bear hunters to submit their photo of themselves and their bear for a chance to be seen in Bear Hunting Magazine. Please send all photos to:  info@bear-hunting.com

Good luck!

Agassiz Outfitters to host Bowhunting Addiction T.V. in 2015!

We are pleased to announce at this time that we will be hosting; Mr. Don Pollauf of “Bowhunting Addiction T.V” in 2015. Don and his camera man who are from Michigan, will be archery hunting the elusive black bear during the 2015 Manitoba spring bear season. We look forward and cant wait for this opportunity!

We are currently working on a couple other big names for the 2015 spring black bear season and once dates,etc.. are confirmed, i will post details. Stay tuned!! :)

Agassiz Outfitters Post

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Just a little post that was in a recent “North American Hunter” Magazine that our good friend and guest Luke Hartle wrote. Hope you all enjoy! *Please click on the “post” to enlarge.*

Agassiz Outfitters-2014 Spring Black Bear Hunting Review

The winter of 2013/14 was one of the coldest on record in 100+ years!  Not only was it extremely cold, but it was one of those winters that didn’t want to leave and pretty much like the previous spring, the spring of 2014 was late in arriving.  On April 14, a lot of places in the bush still had 2+ feet of snow yet and the lakes over 3 feet of ice.  The odd bear was starting to walk around but, as the norm anyway, not real active yet. The high that day was -7celcius and the low was -17 celius which is a pretty good indication on how cold and late our spring was, although there was still hope that it would get warm quick.  But on April 19th we were hit with another 8 inches of snow which we didn’t need, as the bush was extremely wet already.  From now until around May 9 when our first group of hunters where to arrive, the spring saw lots of rain, snow and wind. By May 1st, the odd bait was just starting to get hit and the late spring had the bears behind about 3-4 weeks!

The first week of hunting, as predicted, was slower than normal due to the cold wet weather that we received the whole month of April.  The weather at the beginning of May was no different.  In fact, the afternoon/evenings were so cold and damp; a couple different evening two of the guys couldn’t hunt.  Hard rain, heavy winds, sleet and snow!!!  That kind of weather can cut right through you here in Manitoba!!  Thank god for the warmth of the fires in the cabins.  But hey, amidst this ugly and bad bear weather, Cale from MI saw 3 bears that evening, Ray from IL saw 4 bears (2 nights in a row) and Steve from MI was also seeing bears, one huge black that wouldn’t give him a good shot.  Paul from Mi is seeing wolves.  Both big greys!!  The nights are still dipping down to -2 Celsius.  By Thursday, Ray shoots a good 6’ black with his bow.  Cale is seeing lots of bears, but still looking for a big one.  Cale’s patience pays off and shoots a good 7’ black with his bow the next night as soon as he gets in his stand.  Paul saw 4 bears that night but no shooters.  Jack and Jake from Wyoming don’t get their bears this week but will be back!!!!

By May 19th, we were finally seeing more sign at the baits. The bush was still extremely wet and the days/nights still cool.  This week saw 7 repeat bear hunters from MN and a huge 7 ½ foot black was taken the first night in the hard rain.  This big bear did not want to come in as he sensed something was wrong, but he gave Daryl a good shot as he was walking away behind the barrel.  The next day saw cold north winds and heavy rain so once again this time, 4 hunters didn’t go out as to keep everything dry.  However, Aaron shot a nice black that night and saw 3 others.  The next day, May 22, unfortunately Brandon missed a nice black and Steve was passing up some nice bears in pursuit of a bigger one.  The ice on Cedar Lake was still on and once again we had light rain all night.  The fishing by camp was excellent and the guys were catching huge northerns pretty much every cast!!  The next evening a monster black was missed by Ken a.k.a.”Brutus” and also said he saw other bears and one that was huge but wouldn’t come in, circled the bait and left like so many big bears do.  Steve shot a good black and saw other ones.  Gerry saw 5!!

Now by the week of May 26th, baits were finally heating up and were being hit like they should have been back around May 1.  The bears were still a good 3-4 weeks behind and still no indication of the pre-rut though.  Just another indication on how late the spring was, there was barely a mosquito yet.  This week saw another excellent group of repeat and new hunters and the first night lots of bears were seen.  Still not the numbers that guys should be seeing for this time of year but the bears were getting more active as the weather warmed up.  We still didn’t see any good spring weather but would we??  The first night a couple hunters saw 8 bears each and a couple more saw 3 and everyone else saw at least 1.  Everyone was being patient and looking for a big bear as it was early in the week.  However, on Tuesday, my good buddy Jason from WI took a big black with his bow, which was the third bear in that evening and it was only 6 p.m.  Don from Washington also shot a big black and was the 6th bear that he saw that night.  This was a good 7’ bear with a good white marking on his chest. Lots of other bears were seen too that night with a lot of exciting stories told that night back at camp .  The next day saw another good friend, Dr. Grady from WI who was hunting with his son J.T. shoot a nice black.  They had 2 more come in after this.  Unfortunately, J.T.’s gun jammed as he went to shoot at this bear so his dad being ready, took him!  Great job guys!!  Greg from MN saw 4 bears and shot a nice one with his bow.  Chris from MN who was also archery hunting, saw 2 more bears that night, but was still holding out for something real big or an average color bear.  Mike from Michigan had no luck this night.  The fishing for pike remained incredibly hot as everyone was catching huge pike.  If Jason can catch big pike, anyone can and did, lol!!  As you guessed it, the next day saw rain and heavy winds, surprise, surprise!!!  But 19 year old J.T. who went out early afternoon had his first bear ever down early and saw another right after.  Good Job J.T.!!  Chris saw 5 more bears and the baits were heating up even more by now.

On Sunday, June 1 a great big reddish chocolate was hit on the highway just north of our camp by a semi.  This big chocolate was aprox. 450 lbs.  Sadly what a waste and not even a mile from one of my baits.

By June 2, a little pre-rut was evident around bait sites.  Some of my trail cameras had young boars with sows and hunters were starting to see them fight and chase a tiny bit.  Still way behind though.  That afternoon, one of my guides and archery hunters walked into a bait site with a 400+ lb black laying at the barrel already with no shot, had to wait for him to leave, hoping he wouldn’t spook and hopefully come back.  That night lots of bears where seen, and as many as 12 by couple hunters reported.  This week 7 of the 9 hunters were archery hunters and a lot of bears in the 400-500 lb. range were being seen!  When the guys were showing me the footage of these big bears they where passing up and listening to the stories, I couldn’t believe it!  Of course, some of these “Monster” bruins gave them no shot but some did!!  But the 4 indicated it was early and they were after color bears.  A good chocolate was seen that next evening but no shot.  While bating that afternoon, I came to a bait site that had a chocolate sow that treed her 3 chocolate cubs a few times till I finally had to leave and go do another bait and come back later that afternoon.  By Wednesday, that week, our good friend John from MN shot a big black with a huge white patch on his chest as he had lots of action all evening in a “new” stand I moved him too.  Another John from Wyoming shot another big black with his bow in another “new” stand.  John also saw another bigger one after that he wishes he would have held out for and then a huge white wolf!  Richard from Wyoming also shot a big black bear at 5:30 p.m. that evening after moving him to another bait.  All the other hunters were seeing lots of bear, and still passing up 400+ lb. bears and videotaping these monsters!!  Another archery hunter saw 2 white wolves that night circle his bait and then 2 different 400 lb. bears that where nervous and would not come in, wolves will do that!!  And that night, one of my guides walking into a bait station to get a hunter walked into a 450+ lb. black bear on the barrel that would not leave.  The hunter wanted to shoot this bear bad that had been there for over an hour with his bow, but once again, gave him no shot at 20 yards.  Finally, in the dark with the flash light on the big bruin a.k.a. “black ghost” he sauntered away into the thick spruce.  Wow!!!  The next night saw plenty of action and draw backs with bows but lots of close calls and dirty shorts, LOL!!!  3 more wolves where seen, this time a white one and 2 greys by “Grizz” from WI.  On Friday, Faye from Wyoming shot his first black bear ever and with a bow to boot.  Making a great shot it only ran 30 years!  Dave from Arizona shot a huge black with his bow but what walks in 5 mins after and he videos would have any experienced bear hunter shaking, especially being only 14 years away!  A huge boar that is easily 500+lbs. and pushing 8 feet!  Wow, wow and WOW!!!  Meanwhile, “Grizz”, Floyd and Dale are still seeing and passing up huge bears but finally “Grizz” decides to shoot and arrows a huge 7 ½ foot, 400 lb. black!  The nights are still cool as we still have a fire going at night to take the chill out and it is already June 7th.

The last week of the season I had the privilege and honor to guide for the 4th time, Mr. Earl O’laughlin from MI, a General 5 Fighter Jet Pilot who has in the past, taken some really big bears with me.  He told me that he wasn’t going to shoot this year unless it was a color bear so the pressure was on, ha ha!!  The first night when I picked him up, he said that he passed a huge black that was only about 400 lbs!!! O.K., I knew he was serious then.  The pressure was really on.  The next night I moved him to another area that is also good for color bears and it paid off.  A really good looking cinnamon came in that he took.  What a gorgeous bear! Way to go Earl!!  Any serious and experienced bear hunters knows that most bear hunters can hunt there whole lifetime and never see a color bear unless you are in an area that has them.  Fortunately for us, we do!!

In closing, the spring of 2014 saw a little bit of everything.  Some great bears taken, some good bears missed, lots of good bears seen and lots of un-settled weather.  As we closed up camp, the bush is extremely wet.  It was a very long/cold winter, a cold and wet spring and now the start of summer is seeing lots of rain.  Is the weather changing?? Hopefully, we have a normal spring, weather wise in 2015.  This past spring has to be the most challenging as a black bear guide in all my years weather wise.  The reports from most experienced and full-time outfitters across North America are pretty much the same in regards to the bear activity at baits the past 2 springs being behind.  But all in all, it was a great spring none the less.  Our success rate as always remained extremely high and a lot of huge bears taken, missed and seen!!  As always, a huge thank you to everyone who hunted with Agassiz Outfitters this past spring and can’t wait to see you all again real soon!!

Happy Hunting,




*We look forward to hosting Don Polanuff of Bow Hunting Addiction T.V. and Luke Hartle of North American Hunter in the spring of 2015.*

** Thank you to all the bear hunters who caught fish for all the great fish fry’s and fish chowder we had in camp this past spring.**

***As an added bonus, hunters took advantage of the excellent fishing that is included in our “World Class” Bear hunts!!***

****If all goes according to plan (fingers crossed) starting in 2015, we will be offering “World Class” fly-in trophy Moose/Bear Hunts.  Stay tuned!****