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Coming soon, we hope to make a big announcement in regards to being able to offer “world class” fly-in trophy moose, black bear and wolf hunts in a very remote part of Northern Manitoba. Stay tuned for details as we will post any further details on our “Agassiz News” as they become available.

Agassiz Bears

I just got off the phone with our taxidermist who once again said to me how amazed he is every year at the bears we bring in to him our guests leave to get done. He always mentions the fact that they average well over 6 feet and the quality of the pelts are the best he ever gets in from anywhere else. This just goes to show you how our bear territory in the “Northern Interlake” speaks for itself and how the Province of Manitoba is just known for big bears. It always has been and always will be!!


Our taxidermist specializes in black bears and guests choosing to leave their bear to be done with him, will not be disappointed! Guests wanting to make prior arrangements can call Carl- Swan Valley Taxidermy @ 1-204-734-3176.

Agassiz Outfitters 2014 Spring Black Bear Update

Who’s finally ready for some warm spring days and “World Class” bear hunting? I know we are!! We are only 2 months away from another spring season and cant wait! All of our spring and fall black bear hunts for 2014 are booked solid but please remember we are currently taking bookings for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Please email us at: or call toll free 1-888-468-3394 to reserve your spot.

Agassiz Outfitters-Update

As the month of January comes to a close, it can only mean one thing. We are that much closer to another Manitoba spring bear season! The bears all went into their dens in excellent shape and as of right now have a blanket of about 2 1/2 feet of snow. Before we know it, the magnificent “black ghost” will be out and about. A sure sign of spring!

With Hearing from all of our past great guests and potential new guests during the winter months, it sure keeps us even that more excited to gearing up for another great year of hunting and fishing adventures. We look forward and can’t wait to seeing everyone in 2014!!



Seasons Greetings from Agassiz Outfitters!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish

all of our family, friends and valued guests a

Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year….. 

We look forward to seeing you all in 2014.

Best Wishes,

Rick, Colleen, Brendan & Jordan Liske


How to Render Bear Fat for Cooking….

The pioneers made good use of bear lard for use in biscuits, pies and doughnuts.  Rendered bear fat makes a product that is all-natural and turns out flaky biscuits and pie crusts.

Take the firm, white belly fat and back fat for rendering.  Leave any fat that appears dark or soft.

At the end of it, there will be cracklings left over.  Put the cracklings out for the birds.

  1.  Preheat oven to 225 degrees
  2. Wash and chill fat.
  3. Cut into small pieces (1 inch to 2 inch square).
  4. Place 1 cup of fat in roasting pan.
  5. Place in preheated over.
  6. When fat begins to melt, add more fat until roasting pan is half full
  7. Render until all is melted, the moisture is cooked off and evaporated.
  8. Let cool slightly.
  9. Dip liquid from roaster and strain through a triple layer of cheesecloth.
  10. Pour into 5 to 10 pound containers.  A clean coffee can makes a good container.
  11. Cover tightly.
  12. Store immediately in a freezer (quick cooling produces a fine lard).

Bear Hunting Ad in January/Feburary Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine


Agassiz Outfitters Black Bear Trail Cam Pics

Hope everyone has a chance to look at our “NEW” trail cam pics of some of the Agassiz black bears from 2012 and 2013 that we just put up (click on: Agassiz Black Bear Trail Camera Pics on home page). This is just a very small sample of the quality, size and color of alot of our black bears in our areas which is considered some of the best black bear habitat in the world! Enjoy!! :)

Agassiz Quick Fact!!

Bear fat can be rendered down into an oil to use in cooking. Is is extremely tasty and adds great flavor to dishes. Bear meat is also excellent done up in roasts, honey hams, hamburger, jerky, sausage and pepperettes.

Bear burger used in spaghetti sauces, lasagna, chillis, hamburgers, on pizza, soups, etc.. are just a few other great ways to enjoy the great taste of bear meat. We also have guests who tell us they can their bear meat and is excellent done this way too.


2013 Agassiz Outfitters Fall Black Bear Hunting Review

What I was seeing when getting to the bait sites for the first time this fall was like most past falls.  Tracks and scat all over!  The fishing stayed hot all summer and for the most part, never slowed down, and going into the fall, knew that even it would get better and that once again our fall bear hunters would see “world class fishing”!

By August 17, all of our areas that were going to get hunted this fall were heating up and sign of some real big bears was evident.  The fall bear hunting season was looking real good as our first group of hunters arrived on August 25 and had never bear hunted before.  Six good friends and what a trip they had as everybody saw lots of bears, all were successful; including 2 chocolate bears and they also caught 500+ walleye!  WOW!!!  Not to mention, on the first night while walking in a hunter with a cross bow, got within 15 yards of a 500 lb. cinnamon bear! What a bear!!

The next week saw everyone tagging out early.  Two big bears were cleanly missed too that week but the guys redeemed themselves.  Another big chocolate bear was seen while baiting and should return this spring.  The last week we ran was also very successful as some real big bears were seen, missed and taken!  The biggest bear this fall was 8’2” and weighed 600+ lbs.!!!  I was able to explore a lot of new area this past fall, test baited and am very excited and can’t wait to hunt them this upcoming spring season.  Thank you to everyone who hunted with us this past fall and we look forward to seeing you all again real soon!!!

Happy Hunting,


** Please look for our ½ page ad running in “Bear Hunting Magazine” from November to May.**

**Please also look for upcoming announcements on what writers/tv shows will be joining us the upcoming hunting seasons**