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Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Spring Bear

The count down has begun to the 2016 Manitoba spring black bear season! Pictured above is John Petersen from MN who started the 2015 spring season with us with this gorgeous 7 foot boar that scored 19 1/16 b+c on the very first night. John showed great patience, and passed on 5 other good bears before this big boar came in real cautiously, almost not presenting a good clean shot. But at the last second, when it was about to back out of the bait site after it winded something and knew something wasn’t right, gave John the shot he wanted. Congratulations John! NOTE: The bears denned up a little later than normal this past fall as warmer than normal temperatures hung around well into Mid November. As we approached the beginning of January, the Northern Interlake had received approximately 5-6 inches of snow in total. It is already the end of January, and sows should be starting to give birth to their cubs in their dens at this time. The early spring and late fall of 2015 will really be beneficial to the sows(putting on weight before denning up) and 3-4 cubs will not be un-common, as usual, along with the great genetics our area has to offer……Rick :)

bear hunt ad 3                                                                                 John with his 7 Foot Manitoba Black Bear