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Agassiz Outfitters-Manitoba Moose Hunting

Pictured below is Chris Hunt from NE and guide Bob Hyshka with Chris’s first moose ever! Chris had quite the hunt as early in the hunt he tried his luck with his bow but after some close encounters with a few bulls in the 50-60 inch class and much smaller bulls, decided on the 2nd last day of his hunt, to take his rifle out and it paid off. Guide Bob Hyshka decided to set up his cow moose decoy that morning and after some sequences, noticed this bull several hundred yards out. It didn’t take Bob long to have this young bull come running to the decoy just after a couple more calls and the rest is history. The next day, Bob and Chris decided to sit over the carcass and hunt wolves and bear with his un-used black bear tag as they had noticed considerable amount of wolf sign on it from the evening before already. Well as they approached the carcass to get set up, 3 wolves where already on it. A black, white and grey colored wolf! Wow!!! After a quick plan was made, lets just say these 3 predators are still walking. We wont let Chris live this one down, ha ha!! Congratulations Chris on your very first moose too!

bob and chris moose 2015