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Agassiz Outfitters-2017 Waterfowl Hunting Review

The 2017 Waterfowl Season was excellent as usual and all of our guests experienced “World Class” waterfowl hunting at its finest!  The non-resident waterfowl season opener is September 24, but we started this year at the beginning of October and went to the end of October.

The first week saw lots of local Canada geese around mixed with migrating birds as well. However, the migration was still slow at this time as temperatures remained warm.  Our first group started off their hunt the day they arrived by taking advantage of the great walleye fishing our area has to offer.  Nothing like catching good eating size walleye all afternoon/evening and then getting ready and anticipating a great goose/duck hunt early the next morning.  And that they did, as our awesome group and re-peat hunters did.  As Pat and Dales group from Wyoming witnessed some great field hunting.  Pat also brought along his two your sons Liam & Duncan who are both excellent little waterfowl hunters and I think at times, showed up both Pat and Dale making incredible shots at both geese and ducks,lol.  Great seeing those young hunters out in the field!  During their hunt, abundance of snow geese were still around and they also got into them one morning as limits of Canada geese and lots of snow geese worked this particular field.

By October 10, some cooler weather and strong north winds pushed some new birds down just in time for our other groups arriving.  The Hughes party from Minnesota was arriving.  This group has hunted with as for over 15 years so it is always a pleasure seeing them all every year.  Excellent guys and a lot of great shoots and memories over the years, and this year didn’t disappoint.  The first morning saw the Hughes party limit out on greater Canada geese and 2 that were banded birds.  That evening out in the barley field a great shoot of mallards occurred as it rained ducks!  Nothing like field shooting mallards out on a grain field or just watching them work the spread.  The rest of the week saw some more amazing shoots as most groups got into some amazing goose shoots, both Canada and snows, out in a corn field.  The Hughes party also had a couple good shoots over water for a variety of ducks.

The daily temperature kept getting warmer by the middle of October and the migration slowed down to almost nothing.  Fortunately we had enough birds down that provided us with some great shoots.

One of the next groups arriving was other excellent repeat guests of ours for at least 10 years, the O’laughlin party.  Kevin and his group have also seen many good shoots over the years.  The first morning saw a good goose shoot and mixed bag of Canada and snow geese out in a corn field.  That evening we split the group of 8 up so 4 would hunt over water for ducks and 4 out on the field for mallards.  Both groups had a great shoot for ducks as a variety of ducks worked the slough and mallards worked the field.

The next day was a lot slower as we witnessed a “Blue Bird” day.  Lots of birds left their roost much later in the morning but would see something and most didn’t want to decoy that particular morning.  However, the next day made up for it as limits of greeters were had once again.  Good shooting guys!

As we approached the end of October the migration was still slow and spread out.  Most birds coming down were coming down through the night.

Our last 2 groups would see good friend and repeat hunters from Minnesota, the James party and another new group which was good friend Paul Carnes from Virginia and another father and son from Minnesota.  All avid bird hunters!  So fortunately were lucky to still have enough birds around for some good shoots.  The first morning saw the James party have a good shoot of snow geese mixed with some mallards.  By now it was getting a little tougher to find new birds and the next day was a little slower, however in the evening both groups had a good duck hunt.  One group over water and one group out on the fields had lots of shooting.  Towards the end of the week and hunt, limits of greaters were shot by Carnes & Stagnes party and to top of the day, limits of gadwalls over the water were taken.  Anybody who has hunted gadwalls knows how fun these ducks are when they decoy over water.  What a way to end our Waterfowl Season!

All in all, every day except the odd “Blue Bird” day saw limits of Canada Geese and ducks even snow geese the odd morning.  The migration was extremely slow as the whole months of September and October were warm.  In fact, at the beginning of November I witnessed huge flocks of greater Canada geese as well as Northern Mallards coming down.  Finally, a big thank you to all of our waterfowl guests for hunting with us, all of our hard working guides and last but not least, a huge thank you to all the landowners/farmers for letting us hunt your land.  Much appreciated!

Happy Hunting,