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Agassiz Outfitters-2017 Spring Bear Outlook

The black bears in our allocated area up in the Northern Interlake went into their dens last fall in excellent shape. Due to the fact we had next to nothing for snow up until early December, most bears were still wandering around in the early part of that month. The berries were plentiful last fall too which obviously helps put on fat fast for the hibernation. And presently going into March we have next to nothing for snow which was the case for all of our area so far this winter and also mixed with mild temperatures. Everything so far seems to be falling into place and “mother nature” willing, are looking to have another incredible spring black bear season. If anything close to last year, all of our bear hunters are in for an amazing hunt! We look forward to seeing all our guests real soon!!

Also, we look forward to seeing some of our black bear hunters who are coming up to receive their awards in person for their bears taken over the past 2 springs, during the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association Awards evening; Saturday,April 8/2017 in Winnipeg,Manitoba.

Happy Hunting,
Rick :)